by The Trouble

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released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


The Trouble Eureka, California

Love, indeed, rules the world; and as Northern California rock group The Trouble muses in their debut album, sometimes love rules the world with an iron fist.

Behind the redwood curtain of the Pacific Northwest, the band writes and records in a converted Victorian era carriage house, communing with familiar ghosts of Americana.
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Track Name: Love Rules the World
The Trouble
'Love Rules the World'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

Did you ever love a man?
Did you ever understand?
That wells of glory filled with empathy runneth over to drown misery?

Yonder, standing ‘neath the dark gathering clouds of hypnotic disdain,
I wonder where you are.
Down inside yourself again, my dear, you twist and turn me away.
I feel you fall apart.

Love rules the world.
No one’s innocent.

Did you ever look like me?
Did you ever try to see
That lashing out against the faithful heart
Can only keep you hiding in the dark?

Take tomorrow, take the one stubborn belief I have left in my mind.
I know that’s what you want.
The truer side of you is kinder than any one thing can destroy or defy.
I know you are the one.

Love rules the world.
No one’s Innocent.

The past is shattered like a dream.
The future waits in mystery.
Without a warning our hearts can break. When there’s so much to give, there’s more to take.

The pain of progress can feel like vertigo walking on wire.
Hell, catch us if we fall.
Like the phoenix sings a requiem for all the things that got lost in the fire,
I hear redemption’s call.

Love rules the world.
No one’s Innocent.
Track Name: Polyester Rose
The Trouble
'Polyester Rose'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

Kick your fancy shoes off on the floor
You don't need them anymore
I know you think of me as home
Don't you Polyester Rose?

You've been to Italy and Spain
Drank fistfuls of Asian rain
Tonight you'll drink wine with a ghost
Won't you Polyester Rose?

Your heart is tangled up in doubt
Confusin' the future with a dream of The South
You can't make love on the telephone
Can you Polyester Rose?

Polyester Rose, it's just the way it goes
We've got nothin' to prove
I know I've said that no one's gotta win but someone's gotta lose
I've also said there are so many ways to say the truth

And I'll say it again
It matters where you go, not where you've been
Don't blame the mountain for the rollin' stone
Don't do it Polyester Rose

As I watch the leaves fall from the trees
You're somewhere bringin' in The Spring
I feel the seasons in my bones
I'm full of doom; I'm full of hope

I know I left you out there on the road
Stranded in the moment and alone
Well, I guess I blame myself
When you've seen heaven life is hell

I picked up all my things off of the floor
And I walked right out that door
But I don't want to be alone
Forgive me Polyester Rose
Track Name: Doppelganger's Lullaby
The Trouble
'Doppelganger's Lullaby'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

There's no need to discuss
No need to make a fuss about the things we lost in the fire.
Like the iron will can rust
So can all the trust that we slaved so hard to acquire.
And I don't recognize the eyes
The workingman's disguise that shines from the mirror on the wall.

I'm sick of defending you
Endlessly mending you
Keeping oneself in line should not be this hard
It's gettin' old.

So please, help me do what we must
The heart and mind can adjust to anything that life requires.
Like the leaves that fall down from the trees
A change of season's not a disease, and we are not on a pyre.
And I, I'm not your alibi.
There's no way I can hide all your stumbles and your falls.

I can't take this any longer
All this manufactured pain.
Seems like even the stars are too close to hide your shame.

So, I sing a Doppelganger's Lullaby.
Sit and listen to me try to find your mind some sweet release.
Too long, have you wound the windin' wheel
Just to lose your charm and appeal.
It's time to rest in peace.
Track Name: Gravity
The Trouble
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

Lean on me.
I’ll be your world if you be mine.
I need your gravity.
It keeps me from floating too high.

Is there something waiting in the starlight?
All I see is you.
I don’t mind falling .
Love is the sweetest kind of truth.
Track Name: Mr. Worst
The Trouble
'Mr. Worst'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

I hear she’s livin’ in Germany.
I bet she’s dreamin’ of France
Waxin’ nostalgic ‘bout the crescent city
Where we lived together in a shotgun shack.

Here I am in Eastern Kentucky
Tryin’ not to get caved in.
Diggin’ that cold coal of loneliness
Hopin’ you don’t burn me again.

Congratulations, Mr. Worst!
You got your way when you squandered love.
The price of a warm bed, nothin’ ever was the same.
Yesterday’s tomorrow; tomorrow’s today.
Goodbye World.

You give so much to these risks you take
Expect too much from your friends.
All you ever think about’s your gravest mistakes.
How you can use them in the end.

It’s too late for the good life, too much wine, not enough roses.
You tell yourself it’s all the same sin.
You string yourself along for the sake of a song
Called the ballad of what could have been.

I hear she’s livin’ in Germany.
I bet she’s dreamin’ of France.
She never likes where she is as much as where she was
Or where she might’ve liked to go instead.

I’m still here in Eastern Kentucky
Watchin’ that mountain laurel bloom
Hopin’ someday I can bloom, too
Hopin’ that I outgrow you.
Track Name: Pharaoh's Eyes
The Trouble
'Pharaoh's Eye's'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

Pharaoh's eyes.
The old world meets the new world in her sight.
I can't begin to fight the fire that burns the phoenix in my mind.

The world has gone mad, there's chaos in the streets.
The iron will is wild with its darkest memory.
The heart of Spring beats with her decree
Bring everything to the people, but bring the people to me.

She don't play games; she suffers not charlatans and rakes.
She'll tell you right away, a bad man is only as good as his best mistake.

She's got me grinning at the gallows.
She knows that I can't wait to take back what my dark past took and turn it into everything.
She stakes her claim on the ancient ruins of my dreams.
Bring everything to the people, but bring the people to me.

The wings of love are covered in the dust of the butterfly.
The softest touch can send you down to the cold, cold ground for life. The boughs of hope are swollen from a southern gothic rain.
The dogwood flowers are dancing with demons in the cane.
A banshee voice wails your tormentor's name.
Bring everything to the people, but bring the people to me.

Her pharaoh's eyes find the universe in your gaze.
They see through your disguise.
Your shell's about to break.

You'd better pray she can give and you can take
Night and day, you won't let life get in the way.
Pharaoh’s eyes have found you; they're fixed upon your face.
They're about to burn right through you, and oh, you just can't wait. Burning dust is rising from your fate.
Bring everything to the people, but bring the people to me.
Track Name: Give It All
The Trouble
'Give It All'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

If I gave it all to you, I'd be wastin' all my time
If I gave it all to you, I'd be losin' all my fight
If I gave it all to you, I couldn't tell left and wrong from right, or dark from light
Like a bullet from a revolver, you might blow me off for fun
Pack me full of powder, spin me in your chamber of love
Funny how these empty bottles shatter like promises and dreams
Like the ice around your heart would do if you gave it all to me, baby

If I gave it all to you, I'd be buyin' all your lies
If I gave it all to you, I've be sellin' out my kind
If I gave it all to you, I would be joy deaf, dumb and blind, to me and mine
Like a black market dollar paid to you in blood
You might take my devotion, but it won't be enough
Funny how the wheels of justice turn into pumpkins at your feet
Like the demons in your heart would do if you gave it all to me, baby

If I gave it all to you, I would have no chance to take
If I gave it all to you, I would have no sense to make
If I gave it all to you, I couldn't see my baddest mistakes, for goodness sake
Like a sheep up on an alter when the killin' time is done
Tonight you might accept me or leave me for the mornin' sun
Funny how misguided hope survives despite grim realities
Like mercy in your heart would do if you gave it all to me, baby
Track Name: Time's the Rearranger
The Trouble
'Time's the Rearranger'
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

My tongue is made of cobwebs
Everything I say is easily spun
Today I might be careless
Tomorrow, I might be a stranger to fun.

Like some paralyzed redeemer
Kicks against the bricks he stacked up one by one
I could believe these walls are only built to fall
I could destroy them all and say “well, that’s done.”

Cause you know that Time’s the Rearranger.
Honesty’s a cold sharp knife.
Welcome to the danger of livin’ with a changin’ mind.
Yeah, no, no, yeah.

I’m an organ doner
I’ll let you have my heart but I might want it back.
An old-fashioned loner
I’m sadly older like a senile widow in the bric-a-brac.

I don’t want to believe
That I’m always gonna be like that.
I’ve never been the same since that day in May
When I lost my name in a deal gone bad.

I’ve known some dirty rollers
Leavin’ love to chance.
Wouldn’t know the difference
Between their heart and their pants
But they handle their dice like a rosary.
They’re never late for breakfast
They like a lot of sugar in their tea.
I’d have to filibuster confess if I ever did go straight.
I don’t give it all to God, but I do give it all away.

I’ve got a dog named Moses
He chases rabbits in the burnin’ bush.
He’s always comin’ up roses
Gnawin’ on that old smokehouse apple-wood.

I’ve learned a lot of things from him
Like trust your nose and sleep in the sun.
Someday he will be gone
And I will linger until all my songs have been sung.
Track Name: Papermoon
The Trouble
Copyright 2015
Marc Jeffares

Look at you now
Assassin in the politics of sound
You know it’s true
Nobody gets the better part of you.

Once upon a time
You had the disposition to be left behind
What did you do?
When you settled for a distant point of view?

Such a grim cliché.
Sanctimonious displays of silhouetted pain.
From your writer’s chair
It’s easy to see destiny in dreams we share.

But love is blind
Sometimes it leads to nowhere seein’ eye to eye.
But tonight it’s clear
These old borrowed blues feel brand new
On this papermoon.

Write down what you wanna say
Wad it up and throw it away
On this papermoon.